15/16 Birmingham Giants sweep through Mississippi


Playing in their first showcase of the summer, the Birmingham Giants 15/16 swept their way through the competition posting a rained shortened 3-0 mark at Copia-Lin college. In game 1 of the Showcase the Giants faced off with the 96ers 16u. Jarod Latta (2-0) struck out 12, while allowing just 1 hit over 6 innings of the 6-0 win. At the plate, Zack Egan (1), Aaron Pearson (1), Jarod Latta (3B), Jacob Thurber (2B), Aiden Latham (3B)and Aiden Latta (2) all had hits for the Giants in the win.

In game 2 , Jacob Thurber(1-0) struck out 5, and allowed just 3 hits over 5 innings, of the 8-2 win. At the plate Alex Bradford (2, 1 3B), Zack Egan (1), Garrett Whitehead (1), Alex Drake (1), Aiden Latham (1), DavisDeason (1), Addison Goodman (1) and Jacob Thurber all hat hits to power the Giants 11-2 win.

In game 3, Zack egan allowed 1 hit and struck out 5, and Tate Burkholder struck out 4 over the final 2 innings of the 9-0 win. At the plate Alex Bradford (2B), Zack Egan (1), Cameron Harris (1), Aaron Pearson (2B), Tate Burkholder (1), and Jayden Gibson (1) all had hits in the 9-0 win.