Paypal and Refunds


REFUNDS: In the event that a player is asked to leave or quits in or out of season, the Birmingham Giants do not issue refunds on any season fees or deposit’s placed to hold spots until a return from or during school events. If the payment was made via Venmo/Cash App/Pay Pal, no refund will be processed. If the season fee is paid in payments, the payments will be considered deposits and no refund shall be honored. In the event of a coaching change or team change, no refund shall be issued.

Giants Store Purchases: NO Refund shall be issued on merchandise ordered on the Birmingham Giants store. exchanges can made depending on circumstance. No merchandise will be handed out if a player is removed or quits before they have said merchandise.

In the event that a player is injured and can not finish or play the season, the amount paid will be transferred to the next season.