7u Birmingham Giants finish 2nd

Birmingham Giants 7u Finish 2nd

The 7u Birmingham Giants streaked to a 7-1 record over their last 2 tournaments, dropping only the championship game. In their first game of pool play, the Giants were paired with the Rampage. A 7 run first inning set the tone as the Giants cruised to a 14-4 win. At the Plate Cowen Thompson (3, 3 Triples), Keston Beck (3, 1 Double), Brody Flack (3), Rian Eatmnon(3), Marcus Bryant (2), Brady Jenkins (2B), Tucker Wiley (1), Eli Motes (1)Brayden Stephens (1), and Connor Dockery (2) all had hits for the Giants to lead the attack.

Brody Flack 7u Birmingham Giants

In game 2 of pool play, the Giants squared off with Trussville 7u. Cowen Thompson (3, 1 Double , 1 Triple), Keston Beck ( 2 , 1 Triple), Brody Flack (2, 1 Double ), Rian Eatmon (2, 1 Double), Eli Motes (1), Marcus Bryant (3B), Brady Jenkins (2), Tucker Wiley (2), Brayden Stephens (1), and James Green (1) all had hits to propel the Giants to the 14-13 win and for the second tournament in a row, the Number 1 seed in bracket play.

In Bracket play, the Birmingham Giants were matched with the North Alabama Blaze. With the score 3-2 after 2 innings, the Giants erupted for 10 runs over the next 3 innings, leading to the 13-8 win. Cowen Thompson (3, 2 Doubles), Keston Beck (3B), Brody Flack (2, 2 Doubles), Rian Eatmon (2, 2 Doubles), Eli Motes (1), Marcus Bryant (3, 1 Double), Brady Jenkins (2), Brayden Stephens (1), and Zander Leamon (2, 1 Triple) led the Giants offensive attack in the victory. The win was the Giants 7th in a row, and moved the Giants into their second championship game in as many weeks.

In the Championship game, the Giants surrendered 6 of the 12 runs they gave up in the first inning of the 12-4 loss, finishing 2nd. At the plate Cowen Thompson (3B), Keston Beck (1), Brody Flack (1), Marcus Bryant (2, 1 Double), Tucker Wiley (2), Zander Leamon (2), Connor Dockery (1), and James Green (1) all had hits. The Giats record now stands at 8-3 on the season.