16u Birmingham Giants Softball brings home Tri- State Crown


Playing in their 4th Tri State exposure, the Birmingham Giants 16u Softball team grabbed the championship from one of Alabama’s bigger softball showcases on sunday. Starting the weekend with their 3 pool play games, the Giants led off with the Cross hits 04 team. Alyssa Faircloth allowed just 3 hits over 6 innings, while striking out 4, and Halley Kroger had the only hit for the Giants as they fell in a close game 3-1. In their second friendly game the Giants matched up with Madison Mayham. Sarah Hindman allowed just 4 hits over 5 innings, and Lauren Dill (1), Sydney Colburn (1), Anna Jones (1), and Mckenzie Cole (2B) all had hits but the Giants suffered their second defeat of the day 4-2. In game three of the friendly round, Alyssa Faircloth allowed just 1 hit and 1 run while striking out 3 and Lauren Dill (2B), Sydney Colburn (1), Anna Jones (1)Lilly Werling (1) and Gracie Reeves all had hits for the Giants in the 7-1 win.

Moving into bracket play Sarah Hindman took the circle for the Giants as they squared off with the firecrackers. Allowing just 3 hits and 1 earned run over 6 innings, Giants hitters clubbed 11 hits, including a Home Rune from Sarah Hindman, ( Lauren Dill (2, 1 2B), Shauna Kelley (1), Alyssa Faircloth (1), Sydney Colburn (2), Lilly Werling (1), and Gracie Reeves (3, 1 2B), ) helping the Giants pull out the 4-3 win.

In their next game of bracket play, the Giants were matched up with the Lady Orioles. Sarah Hindman again took the circle, allowing just 2 hits over 4 innings, while striking out 1, and hits from Lauren Dill (2, 1 HR), Shauna Kelley (1), Alyssa Faircloth (3, 1 HR), Sydney Colburn (1), Halle Kroger (1), Lilly Werling (2, 1 2B), and Gracie Reeves (2B) powered the 10-1 win. The victory sent the Giants into the semi finals to face the Birmingham Mustangs.

Alyssa Faircloth started the game, and Hale Kroger tossed 2 innings of relief before being relieved again by Faircloth as the Giants pitchers allowed just 2 runs over 6 innings, and Hits from Lauren Dill (1), Shauna Kelly (1), Anna Jones (1), Lilly Werling (1), and Halle Kroger (2, 1 3B) whos triple drove in the winning run of the Giants 3-2 victory. The win moved the Giants into the championship game against the Lady Jaxx.

In the championship game Sarah Hindman allowed just 2 runs over 5 innings while striking out 3, and Lauren Dill (1), Alyssa Faircloth (2), Sydney Colburn (2, 2 2B), Anna Jones (1), Sarah Hindman (1), Lilly Werling (HR), and Gracie Reeves (2) led the way offensively in the Giants 5-2 win and the Tri State championship.