12u Birmingham Giants Roll through first tournament to their first championship


The 12u Birmingham Giants-Hudgins playing in their first tournament on sunday rolled through the competition to start their season 4-0 on their way to winning their first tournament of the season. Alex Guthrie (1-0) starting the first game of the season and dominating the Stix over 3 innings, striking out 3 and allowing just 3 runs over 4 innings, and Alex Reynolds closed out the final inning. At the plate the Giants offense was paced by Hoss Bensko (2B), Cainzilla (HR), Max Hollingsworth (1), Caleb Johnson (1), Kolton Hudgins (2, 1 3B), and Trevor Cox (2).

In game 2 of pool play, the Giants were matched with Eagles Express. A 12 run 2nd inning put the game out of reach as the Giants won 13-5. At the plate, Alex Reynolds (1), Alex Guthrie (1), Hoss Bensko (1), Max Hollingsworth (2), Caleb Johnson (2, 1 2B), Kolton Hudgins (1), Jamison Green (3B), and Trevor Cox (1), all had hits for the Giants in the win. Caden Cain (1-0) started the game on the hill, striking out 8 over 3 innings, allowing just 3 hits and 3 earned run over the 4 innings.

The win seated the Giants 1st heading into bracket play. Max Hollingsworth 8 game winner in the spring continued his winning way, pitching 3 innings, striking out 4, and Jamison Green (1-0) picked up the win in relief as Hoss Bensko hit his first Homerun as a Giants, a 3 run walk off in the 10-9 win. Offensively, Alex Reynolds (1), Hoss Bensko (2, 1 HR), Max Hollingsworth (1), Kolton Hudgins (1), Jamison Green (1), Daniel Stringfello (2),  all had hits for the Giants to lead the way to the victory. Hoss Bensko’s walk off sent the Giants to championship game for the first time this season.

For the second time on sunday, the Giants were again matched up with Stix 12u. Caden Cain started the game on the mound, tossing 2 innings while striking out 3, and Alex Reynolds (1-0) closed out the game allowing just 1 run over 3 innings, while striking out 3 as the Giants pulled out the 5-4 win. At the plate Alex Guthrie (2B), Hoss Bensko (2), Caden Cain (1),Caleb Johnson (2B), Jamison Green (1), Trevor Cox (1), and Daniel Stringfellow (1) all had hits for the Giants as they brought home the championship.