12u Birmingham Giants finish 2nd


Playing in their second tournament of the spring, the Birmingham Giants 12u Softball team brough home a 2nd place finish. -In game 1 of pool play, the Giants were paired with the Prodigies. Kendall Burch allowed just 1 hit while striking out 5 and hits from Harper Riley (2), McKenzie Smyly (2), Kendall Burch (1), Alyssa Broome (2, 1 2B), Ralee Burgett (1), Skylan Dyson (1), Khloe Kennedy (2B), and Sophia Carroll (1) all had hits in the 8-0 win. In their second game of pool play, Alyssa Broome and Harper Riley struck out 5 over 5 innings, while scattering 3 hits and Kendall Burch (1), Alyssa Broome (2B) and Ralee Burgett (2B) all had hits in the win over the Twisted Eagles.

The win seated the Giants first overall heading into bracket play. In their first game of bracket play, Kendall Burch and Skylan Dyson combined to strike out 7 and offensively the Giants were led by McKenzie Smyly (1), Alyssa Broome (2), Ralee Burgett (3B), Skylan Dyson (1), Abigail Erecca (2B), and Sophia Carroll (1) and the Giants cruised into the finals with an 11-0 win. In the championship 9 unearned runs cost the Giants and hits from Harper Riley (1), Kendall Burch (2, 1 2B), and Alyssa Broome (2, 1 HR) were not enough as the Giants fell and finished 2nd.