10u Birmingham Giants-Bailey bring Home Championship in first Tournament of the Spring


Playing in their first ever tournament on saturday in Thorsby, the Birmingham Giants 10u-Bailey rolled off 5 straight wins on their way to the championship. In their first pool play game the Giants were matched up with the Chilton Crushers. With 5 first inning runs the Giants jumped on the crushers early and never looked back. Kylie Smith struck out 7 over the first 2 innings and Naomi Avila closed out the final out of the game with a strike out as the Giants cruised to a 9-4 win. At the plate Becca Hanson (2B), Addison Bailey (1), Molly Self (2B), Naomi Avila (2, 1 2B), and Rylee Lollar (1) all had hits for the Giants in the win. In their second game of pool play the Giants were paired with White Lightning. Sophia Shubert allowed just 4 hits while striking out 6, and the Giants offense received hits from Sophia Shubert (3B), Becca Hanson (3, 1 2B), Addison Bailey (2, 1 2B), Molly Self (1), and Rylee Lollar in the 15-4 win. The win seated the Giants first overall heading into bracket play.

In their first game of bracket play the Giants were again paired with the Crushers. Kylie Smith allowed just 2 hits over 2 innings while striking out 4, and Naomi Avila struck out the side to close out the 10-3 win. Sophia Shubert (1), Becca Hanson (2, 2B, 3B), Molly Self (2, 1 3B), Rylee Lollar (1), and Berkley Rowell (1)all had hits as the Giants cruised to a 10-3 win. The win moved the Giants on to face the Savage.

Sophia Shubert and Molly Self combined to allow just 1 hit over 4 innings while striking out 10 and hits came from Sophia Shubert (1), Ellie Payton (1), Becca Hanson (2, 1 3B), Addison Bailey (2), Molly Self (3, 2 2B), Kylie Smith (2, 1 3B), and Berkely Rowell (2) as the Giants rolled into the championship game with an 11-0 win.

In the championship game the Giants were again scheduled to play white lightning. Naomi Avila and Molly self combined for 9 strike outs over 3 innings, while allowing just 2 hits. Offensively the Giants were paced by Ellie Payton (2B), Addison Bailey (2), Molly Self (2, 1 2B), Kylie Smith (1), Rylee Lollar (1), and Berkley Rowell (1) who all had hits as the Giants brought home the championship with a 13-4 win.